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Sorting Out HVAC Issues

About a year ago, I started looking around for a great HVAC technician who could help me to figure out the climate issues inside of my home. It always seemed like my home was either too hot or too cold, so I started investing more of my time into uncovering the issue. After finding a great technician who was committed to figuring out the issue, it was really interesting to work with them to sort things out. They came in, ran some tests, and quickly resolved the challenges that had been plaguing me for years. Check out this blog for more information.



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2 Signs The Wiring In Your Central Air Conditioner's Condenser Is Burning Out

After noticing that your home is not staying cool even though the air conditioning is constantly running, you may suspect that there could be a problem with your AC unit's condenser. If so, look for the following signs that the wiring inside the condenser is burning out.

1. Unit Begins to Hard Start

Normally, whenever your central air conditioner kicks on, you may hear a slight noise as the pressure in the coolant line releases and starts running through the system. However, if the wiring in the condenser has a short or break in it, the noise may become very loud, sounding like a hard, single knock against the side of the air conditioner.

When there is a problem with the wiring, the electricity feeding the condenser does not flow as a smooth, uninterrupted current. Instead, there may be hesitation before the electricity fully reaches the condenser's circuit. When this happens, it creates a sudden surge of power, making the condenser start hard.

If the condenser continuously hard starts, the vibrations from it could cause other damage to it and other parts of the unit, such as the coolant line. When you notice that your condenser is starting hard, have the unit looked at by an air conditioning repair service technician to avoid further irreparable damage.

2. Loud Buzzing Noises Are Heard

Along with a loud bang heard whenever the condenser first kicks on, you may also start noticing a loud buzzing noise coming from your central air conditioning unit. This strange sound could be caused by two things, both of which involve a possible burnt out wiring system.

If a wire inside the condenser is broken, but the condenser is still able to kick on, it is not receiving the power it means to run efficiently. The coolant running through the system becomes sluggish, creating a buzzing or hissing sound as it does so.

Also, since the wire is not intact, the electricity may start arcing outside of the insulated coating. This, too, can create a buzzing noise. It also can create a fire hazard, so you should have the condenser inspected by an HVAC professional as soon as possible to avoid a possible electrical fire.

If you notice any or all of the signs above, your air conditioner condenser's wiring most likely has a short or break in it. Contact an HVAC company like Riverbend Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. to schedule a time for them to inspect the unit and discuss with you your options for either repairing the issue, if possible, or installing a new unit.