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Sorting Out HVAC Issues

About a year ago, I started looking around for a great HVAC technician who could help me to figure out the climate issues inside of my home. It always seemed like my home was either too hot or too cold, so I started investing more of my time into uncovering the issue. After finding a great technician who was committed to figuring out the issue, it was really interesting to work with them to sort things out. They came in, ran some tests, and quickly resolved the challenges that had been plaguing me for years. Check out this blog for more information.



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Is Your Heat Pump Icing Over This Winter? 4 Steps To Take To Identify The Cause

With winter still in full-swing, the last thing you want is for your heater to malfunction. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much for your heat pump to ice-over, especially during extremely cold temperatures. Once your heat pump ices over, your heater won't function, which means your home is going to get quite cold. If your heater has stopped functioning, the first place you should investigate is the heat pump, especially if the temperatures are in the freezing range. Some of the issues that can cause your heat pump to ice over can be easily remedied. However, others will require the assistance of your HVAC technician. If your heat pump is iced over, use the information provided here to identify the source of the problem.

Remove the Ice from Your Coils

If you're dealing with a heat pump that has iced over, the first thing you'll need to do is remove the ice from the coils. Your heat pump won't be be able to thaw if the coils are still iced over. To remove the ice from the coils, fill a bucket with warm water and slowly pour the water over the ice. As the ice begins to melt, you can remove it with your hands. Continue pouring warm water over the coils until all the ice has been removed. Once the ice is off the coils, you'll be able to carefully remove the ice from the top of the heat pump.

Check the Overhead Gutters

If you're noticing ice in one particular area of your heat pump, the issue may be confined to your overhead rain gutters. Using your ladder, inspect the entire length of gutters that are above your heat pump. You'll want to look for signs of cracks that could be leaking. You'll also want to see if the gutter is filled with debris. Cracks could be causing water to leak onto the heat pump, which will allow the water to freeze and ice-over your unit. If the gutters are filled with debris, the water could overflowing onto the top of your heat pump, which is leading to an ice coverage. Once you repair the gutters, the icing problem should go away.

Clear a Path Around Your

In order for your heat pump to work properly during the winter, it needs to have adequate air circulation. Without the circulation, your heat pump will freeze up and ice over. If your heat pump is icing over, clear a path around the unit. This should allow proper circulation, which will stop the ice problem.

Watch for a Repeat Occurrence

If your heat pump continues to ice over, you may be dealing with an issue that will require professional assistance. Watch your heat pump for a few days. If you continue to notice ice accumulation, you'll need to call your HVAC service technician as soon as possible.